Not everybody rules a massive corporate empire. Not everyone can hold the reins of global e-commerce businesses. And unless you belong to the aforementioned group, then chances are, your marketing strategies are mostly geared towards a local target audience.

It’s cool and flashy for an influencer or a celebrity to endorse your product or services to their millions of social media fans. But the instant results are often short-lived — although it is a great boost.

But if long-term solutions are what you’re after, perhaps the answer you’re looking for is local influencer marketing — a sub trend of influencer marketing that’s only going to grow even more popular in 2019.

However, unlike their larger counterparts who attract more social exposure on the internet, these group of micro-influencers take more meticulous searching to properly locate them — especially the ones who are casually residing in your town.

They are a challenge to find…

But not really, if you know where to look…

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